Upcoming 2019 Coastal Retreats


One Day Retreat
June 8th, August 3rd & September 8th

Spend the Day at Golden Spruce Coastal Retreat in a nourishing and deeply restorative journey in the forest and on the beach. Integrating therapeutic sound healing, energy medicine, earth-based spirituality, and the sacred play of sisterhood.

August 15 - 18

Freeing ourselves from our routines and habits we step into the wilderness. We strengthen our ability to receive by creating more space and a capacity to be with what is. The intent is practiced with a: Journey mandala hike along the Oregon Coast Trail; A Cacao & Womb ceremony silent disco on the beach ; Morning Embodiement Meditation; Full Moon fire circles to sing our she-wolves alive; Safe sisterhood companionship; and good balance of baths and silence brings us into a deeper connection to our Radiance.

September 12 - 15

This Full Moon pilgrimage is between you and your big Self. We let the spaciousness of the ocean, sky, and forest rub off our shells. Practicing the Heart Sutra we cultivate an internal ease with emptiness. Given space our innate needs shine a light on the vulnerability required to listen and act. We lightly introduce the four shadow archetypes which often arise in shift moments. We caress our vulnerability with singing, journaling, poetry, contemplative movement, silence, and group ceremony.


Meditation & Silence

Every retreat is grounded by the practice of intentional silence and meditation practices. Silence opens us to the transmission of nature and the inner unfolding of our own wisdom body. Meditation is our intentional meeting ground where we awaken, align, empty, and clarify our body, speech, and mind through mantra, yoga, visualization practices, breath work, and contemplative movement practices.


The Space

Golden Spruce Coastal Retreat is nestled in Oswald West state park in the small community of Falcon Cove.  The house is anchored by 200 year old Spruce trees and the ocean sings to you and is a short walk to our very secluded beach.


Forest Practice

We meet in the forest every morning for Forest Bathing and Qi practices to ionize our energetic field and to let the soft edges of our body return to a place of ease with our surroundings.Oswald West State Park surrounds our property and each retreat will offer walks into undisturbed trails to practice prostration (belly to earth) meditation and deep yielding practices.


Food Sadhana

We know food is medicine and holds the deep memory of our roots. Meal time is another way to bring ourselves into balance and allow our senses to be nourished by the earth directly. Each retreat will offer seasonal vegetables, fruits, and greens from our local farmers markets. We have detoxifying teas upon waking, elixirs for strengthening digestion and clarifying consciousness through the day, and meals that both detoxify and nourish your digestive system.


Sisterhood &

The play of women together is as ancient as the stars and yet we lack the opportunity to be in sacred, natural, creative, playful, and meditative spaces together. The retreat is small and intimate with at most ten women.  We quickly embody our unity as we unwind with nature as our container. We lean into the potency as each person’s essence is a welcomed, respected, seen, and valued.


Ocean Play

The great Pacific Ocean is a short walk or one can simply open their seashell ears and hear the song of the sea. We walk the shores finding treasures to mark our inner place with a stick, feather, or rock allowing the gifts to come. We may dance on the beach, do contemplative movement practice, sing, or the brave may be called into the cold poignant water of awakening.


Personalized Treatment


Each retreat is uniquely created to meet the needs of the individual and group. Ashley Natalya begins weeks before the retreat start date with a distance individual body scan. Having a "map"of their psycho-spiritual geography, the retreat is then created with very specific practices which meet the participants individual growth edges, restoration, and integration. She further offers constitutional herbal baths and aromatherapy for each participant during the retreat.